Which is better, NABARD Grade A or RBI Assistant?

Which is better, NABARD Grade A or RBI Assistant?

NABARD Grade A and RBI Assistant are astonishing banking exams highly considered by aspiring candidates. The refinance function of the Agricultural Refinance & Development Corporation (ARDC), Agricultural Credit Department of RBI and Rural Planning & Credit Cell (RPCC) was replaced by India’s most specialized bank i.e., NABARD.

Here is a tabular comparison of NABARD Grade A and RBI Assistant:

Here is the functional area of both NABARD Grade A and RBI Assistant jobs so that you can get acquainted with the operations of both job responsibilities:

       NABARD Grade A        RBI Assistant
    Work ProfileThe work description of a NABARD Grade A- Assistant Manager is primarily administrative.Central/State Government policy issues (related to Agricultural and Rural development) are also one of the functional areas of a Grade-A officer as she/he is required to facilitate these policies/programs in the best interests of the organization. The RBI assistant is responsible for maintaining files, collecting receipts, balancing tally, and maintaining the ledger, among other tasks.RBI assistant verifies documents and bank detailsCan issue and circulate a new currencyEnsure financial stability by maintaining accountsReply to emails and record the same
Basic payThe Basic Salary starts at INR 28,150/-, and the allowances are added on top of that.  The basic RBI Assistant salary is INR 14,650/-, with a pay scale that ranges from INR 14,650 to INR 14,650/-
  AllowanceLocal Compensatory AllowanceHouse Rent AllowanceDearness AllowanceGrade AllowanceFamily AllowanceDispensary AllowanceFurniture AllowanceAccommodationDearness AllowanceCity Compensatory AllowanceTransport Allowance
Working Days (in a week)5 days5 days
  PromotionApplicants will have to work hard at their profession and advance in your NABARD career through promotions from time to time. Promotions bring reputation and raise in pay.Only after passing the departmental examinations and interviews will you progress up the NABARD career ladder.Apart from employment security, good salary, and a decent work-life balance, the RBI holds internal promotional examinations at regular intervals, which provides you with good opportunities for progress within the company.Employees that pass these exams are promoted to a higher position, therefore they are a stepping stone to advancement. As a result of the promotion, your pay rises, as do the responsibilities that come with the new position.
      BenefitsTelephone bills, Newspapers, books and magazines, Internet, Allowance for the make of residence, etc. as per capability.Free Medical Facility. Interest rates on advances for housing and loans, a child’s education, a car, and a personal computer are all low.To know more detailed benefits of NABARD Grade-A, you can go through BYJU’s Exam Prep blogs. Work-life balance- The RBI assistant works 5 days a week and has weekends off.Accommodation facility.Medical benefits.Housing loan.Education loan.LeavesPosting- Because the RBI does not have any branches in rural areas, staff are assigned to work in cities.
Training Period2 years5 – 7 days

Here we have provided you with a broader idea of both designations of RBI Assistant and NABARD Grade A by apprising you of the job profiles, pay and perks, and scope of promotion at both job posts. To get more information about NABARD Grade-A and RBI Assistant, you can undergo BYJU’s Exam Prep articles. We hope this would have given you a broader idea about the RBI Assistant and NABARD Grade A.

Conclusion: So which one is better, NABARD Grade A or RBI Assistant?

It would be determined by your interests and the opportunities available to you. NABARD Grade-A may be a better fit for you if you want to work in development and finance (Agriculture & Rural Development) and want to be an expert in that field but be prepared to be posted to district HQ as a Lead District Manager. However, if you want the authority and experience of a Central Banker, RBI Assistant is the job.

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