A School with a Children-Friendly Atmosphere in Coimbatore

Chettinad Vidya Mandir is a Child-friendly school in Coimbatore that offers complete education from nursery to the 12th class, with both English and Tamil mediums. Our School has world-class Infant care and nursery facility, where children are given all their essential requirements for learning and growth, especially for the first year of their lives. 

The Chettinad Vidya Mandir, Coimbatore is a center of excellence in all aspects of the child’s life, from childhood to adulthood. Nursery facility is a unique concept, in which our Pre-Nursery and Nursery has been developed to provide all the essential requirements for the child’s first year of life. This is an ideal environment to develop the child’s sense of security, and to provide the child with the confidence to meet the world of adults.

International School in Coimbatore

The International School Chettinad Vidya Mandir (CVM) is located in Coimbatore and is one of the premier International Schools in South India. CVM aims to offer a holistic education for students from all backgrounds, cultures, and languages.

In fact, CVM is the best international school in Coimbatore which offers English medium education to its students. The School is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). CVM offers its students a wide variety of extra-curricular activities and sports. Students are encouraged to participate in these activities. Sports include cricket, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, tennis, badminton, athletics, swimming, and yoga. The School has a beautiful campus with a well-maintained playground and a well-stocked library.

The school offers students a wonderful environment to excel in their studies and have fun at the same time. The school has a beautiful campus with a well-maintained playground and a well-stocked library. The school has security personnel who keeps a watch on the students during school hours. CVM has a transport facility that provides transport to and from the school. Also has a science lab which is available for the students to use during school hours.

Why Choose Chettinad Vidya Mandir

CVM is a place where students can develop themselves and make new friends. CVM is the best school in Coimbatore for education and a bright future. The school is located in the heart of Coimbatore and provides the best facilities to the students. The school has a beautiful playground and a library which is well-stocked. CVM gives a platform students that provides for students to showcase their talents and work on their skills. 

If you are looking for a child-friendly school in Coimbatore, then this is the right place for you! This school has facilities for both boys and girls and is located at the heart of the city. The school has an international curriculum that enables the student to learn in a different environment and language. All this with high academic performance. They provide learning environments that encourage children to interact with each other and explore their own creativity. As well as encourage the growth of their intellectual and physical abilities.

Schooling has taken an important place in life and this has helped us to learn different skills. It’s necessary for kids to attend schools as they have many benefits. However, when children stay out of school they miss out on important lessons. It is important for parents to look into the schools to know which one is best suited for their kids.



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