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People these days are well concerned about their health. Specifically when it comes to reproductive health. Reproductive health should be maintained in all aspects. Different surgeries are performed for the maintenance of reproductive health if it is somehow disturbed due to some circumstances. Virginity, which defines no sexual intercourse, is somehow the main aspect in many cultures. Many cultures and traditions believe that girls’ virginity should be maintained till marriage. However, there is no specific thing that can define the virginity of an individual but this culture defines virginity by hymen let us see how?

Virginity with hymenoplasty

You can gain virginity with hymenoplasty. Many cultures believe hymns as a sign of virginity. But this hymn is somehow gets broken due to various circumstances such as sexual intercourse, heavy cycling, or any jerking movement such as horse riding. Thus this broken hymn can become a problem for many girls with specific hymn traditions. So hymenoplasty is a solution for you. In hymenoplasty, there is a reconstruction of hymen. It can be reconstructed invisibility with absolutely no evidence of stitches.

What is involved in hymen repair?

The most common method is to close the hymen by stitching them together from the damaged margins. The procedure is done on two levels to repair the hymen firmly and permanently. The stitches are made of very fine material and will dissolve in about 15 days on their own. It takes roughly a month for the wound to heal.

After 1 to 2 months, the stitches dissolve and the scar is nearly undetectable. The hymen is natural, and the scars are practically undetectable and covered in folds. This surgery has high efficacy.

Is hymenoplasty surgery safe?

Yes, hymenoplasty surgery is safe for you. As it is performed by expert surgeons who bring your hymen back. After thorough examination hymenoplasty surgery will be done. The individual may experience some temporary side effects during the healing process such as

  • bruising,
  • infection
  • disjunction
  •  local sensitivity troubles

They all are usually temporary. With proper medication and diet, these symptoms will gradually decrease and the healing process will be gradually uplifted.

What precautions should be taken after hymenoplasty surgery?

There are certain precautions you should take after hymenoplasty surgery. The most important is to stick to medication and take your medications from time to time. Complete the course of your medication and do not take unnecessary medication without a doctor or’s prescription   .another thing is to take a healthy diet prescribed by the physician, do not eat unhealthy food which can put an adverse effect on your surgery. Follow-ups are a must, it means regularly visiting your doctor when they say you meet them, examining your healing process, and avoiding unnecessary complications.

Hymenoplasty in Ludhiana

If you are heading for hymenoplasty surgery, then you should go for hymenoplasty in Ludhiana.  There are the best hymenoplasty surgeons available in Ludhiana. They will ensure the best results of your surgery and avoid any complications during the surgery. You can check the reviews for the best hymenoplasty surgeon in Ludhiana and shortlist the best one.



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