GMAT Classroom Coaching v/s Online Coaching: Which is Better?

GMAT Classroom Coaching v/s Online Coaching: Which is Better?

As MBA aspirants who plan to take the GMAT exam, it is essential for you to stay consistent during preparation to score well in the exam. When you prepare for the exam on your own, chances are you will have the urge to procrastinate after a certain point in time. You can avoid being in that situation by opting for GMAT coaching. Most coaching centers offer coaching classes in offline and online modes now. Hence, choosing the best option for you could seem like a challenge. To help you, we’ve compiled a list of factors that’ll help you compare both modes of coaching. So, read on.

How to Choose Between Classroom v/s Online Coaching

When choosing between the classroom and online coaching, you might be in a dilemma thinking which one is the best for you. Hence, to make it easier for you, we’ve listed down some differences between classroom and online coaching. Let’s take a look at those differences. 


While comparing online coaching with offline coaching, the first factor you have to consider is the convenience that these courses offer. Some people may find offline classes convenient while others feel online classes are good. Having said that, online classes are the best option during these pandemic times as they will let you attend the classes from the safety of your home. Besides, online classes will be the best option for working professionals as it helps them attend the classes according to their convenience. Besides, online classes cut down the commute time, and hence there’s no need to worry about missing the classes or reaching late, which often happens in offline classes.


The flexibility that the offline classes and online classes offer is different. The offline GMAT class follows strict class timings, and you are supposed to follow that schedule. However, online classes are more flexible when compared to offline classes as you don’t have to mandatorily follow a schedule for attending classes. Most of these are recorded. Hence, you can go back and listen to them whenever you have time. 

Another important thing is, if you miss an offline class, you’ll miss the portions that are being taught on that particular day. You may have to approach your faculty to learn the missed lessons. Getting a one-to-one session is a challenge, especially in offline mode as there’ll be a lot of students attending the class. But, if you opt for online classes, chances are that you get more personal sessions to clear your doubts. 

Customization of Courses

Most offline coaching centers follow a strict study model and you are supposed to adhere to it. However, this might not be working for everyone as the strengths and weaknesses of each student are different. However, most online classes provide you the option to customize the study plan that helps you improve the subject areas that you are weaker at. The best GMAT coaching will let you decide what to study and when based on your strengths and weaknesses. 

We’ve listed some of the important differences between the GMAT online and offline coaching above. If you are planning to opt for GMAT coaching go through the factors listed above, and then decide accordingly. Good luck.



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