Facts about 3rd party inspection companies

Facts about 3rd party inspection companies

To make your visit to different factories of China fruitful and to make sure that your products are efficient, you need to have a team with proper knowledge and the exact process that the China factories are using to make the products.

This type of inspection is important as many of the factories outsource their manufacturing products to a Chinese manufacturer. Quality standard maintaining can be a tough issue when you are outsourcing different parts of products.

The key reason that why outsourcing may not be good for you is that you cannot ensure the quality standards of the smaller factory. Your contract would specify only the quality standards of operations in the factory you are directly dealing with. When they outsource part of the work to other smaller factories in China, the quality standards of those factories cannot be controlled through your contract. Therefore, the quality of your products cannot be guaranteed. So, ensuring the quality is the biggest concern and you need to it in an efficient manner. Unless you visit personally the factory and look at the products, you may not be able to understand that whether the company is working as per your ethics or not.

Two ideas of checking:

You will get two different options actually to check the quality matter of the companies. One is to send your in-house team for the purpose. An in-house team is surely a reliable option because your employees are going there to visit the production process, standard etc. but even if you are sending your in-house team, the team must be efficient enough to check the quality standard of the ongoing production, product, shipment etc.

Why third-party service provider is a good choice?

If you are running a small company or want to save your money, you can hire the 3rd party inspection companies who offer the same services at a reasonable price. These companies offer their services at a certain cost but they have an efficient team of qualified inspectors who can set and perform the inspection with utmost efficiency.

These companies are based in Chinese or Asian countries but work for the importers. They visit the companies with proper license and permission when the production is the mid-way. They check the samples and make the complete report based on them and send it to the importers. If they found any issue the entire contract can be rejected or the company can ask for reproduction, fixing the flaws of the manufacturing process. This is a high-end process that requires special skill and the 3rd party inspection companies have qualified inspectors who understand such issues better. They have all the necessary tools that they use to ensure the quality of the products. After getting the proper idea, they make the proper report also so the inspectors are knowledgeable enough to make a report.

Hiring third-party companies for the purpose is always beneficial because they offer their services at a certainly reasonable price. So, having such a team for you is a cost-saving option also.



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