Discovering the origins of flowers around the world

Discovering the origins of flowers around the world

Our Mother Earth is full of different types of flora and fauna that have been living on this planet for a long time. When we speak about the flowering plants, they are believed to have existed on this “Blue Planet” for around 160 million years ago. The actual emergence of these angiosperms from their ancestor gymnosperm ferns is not shown clearly but it is believed that this transformation occurred around some 200 million years ago. At the moment, it is said that around 300,000 species of flowers are living in the 21st century.

With so many flower species present around, it is difficult to trace the origins of the whole family of flowering plants in detail. However, with this article, many popular flowers and their origins are explained. Take a quick look at the same below & order flowers delivery in mumbai online to freshen up yourself.

Lilies- Lilies are linked with numerous myths and the pictures of lilies were known to have been found in a villa of Crete which dates back to the Minoan Period about 1580 B.C. The flower is also stated in the Old Testament and New Testament of the Bible.

The oldest lilies, known as Madonna lily, are supposed to be around 3000 years old and were devoted to Mother Mary by the Roman Catholic Church. It can withstand adverse conditions like pests, diseases, & frost. Madonna lily was adopted in the 17th century for the treatment of snake bites, wounds, bruises, and sore muscles due to their unique flowers and leaves. 

The flower got its title from the Greek root “Lirion which means True, white”. Lilies are known to represent chastity, fertility, and virtue. As per the Greek wedding traditions, brides used to wear a crown made up of lilies and wheat that means purity and abundance.

Daisies- The flowers are supposed to have existed more than 4000 years ago and represented chastity. Daisy is a “two in one” flower that grows with white petals peripherally and tiny yellow disc petals that match the eye of the flower. The flower is known for its medicinal properties & cures many problems like indigestion, easing of cough, slowing down the bleeding, and relaxation in back pain.

They are contrary to several bugs and pesticides which makes them survive in harsh situations easily. Daisies are also known as “day’s eyes” because some daisies open their petals during the daytime and close them in the evening at the moment of sunset.

Tulips- The flower is supposed to have grown 1000 years ago in the area of Persia (modern Iran). Tulips are known to have got their titles from the Turkish word for turbans. It signifies immortality, life, imagination, & love. The flower has a short life measure that consists of only 3 to 7 days only. Many Persian poets described them in their writings so much that the whole of Europe began to consider tulips as the symbol of the Ottoman Empire. They became a prized possession in the 1630s also a term called “Tulipmania” came into existence as people were spending crazily to have these blooms.

Tulip bulbs became more expensive than the gold in Holland and were used as a form of currency. In countries like Russia, red tulips were known to express romantic love whereas the blackish center of the red tulip means the coal burnt heart of the lover due to the passionate love. These tulip bulbs can also be utilized as an alternative to onions in many recipes. The flower also begins at a rate of 1 inch per day even after they are cut from the main plant.

Sunflowers- The flower founded in Central and South America. Sunflowers are also known as “Helianthus” in scientific terms. It was used as a spiritual symbol for the Church because of its unique property of returning to the sun”s action, which is known as heliotropism. Sunflowers are capable of eliminating toxic elements from the soil such as arsenic, lead, & uranium. The flower was used to eliminate toxins like cesium-137 and strontium -90 from a nearby lake after The Chernobyl disaster. Sunflower oil is actively utilized for cooking while the seeds are used as snacks.

Although, there are loads of flower species present around these are some of the most famous flowering plants around the world. Thus, it can be understood that flowers have lived alongside humans for a long time and are used for a type of purpose. You can also use flower delivery in bangalore online as birthday gifts, wedding anniversary gifts, farewell gifts, or any other event as they spread happiness, grace, and fragrance all around.



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