Sneakers – Amalgamation of Fashion & Comfort

Sneakers as a fashion statement have taken the world by storm. An ample number of celebrities, sportspersons, and fashion influencers are promoting and encouraging people to switch to sneakers for a varied number of reasons. Are you still in doubt? Here we give you the top five reasons you should choose a pair of sneakers next time you choose self-care!
Sneakers Do Not Need Ice-Breaking

Most shoes become more or less wearable after a couple of weeks, but the initial days are straight up torturous! Formal shoes, high heels, loafers, or boots- all need some number of wears before they can loosen up and fit according to the shape of your feet and stop biting, blistering, and chafing them. But sneakers like Bata sneakers are the most “outgoing” shoes ever! They need absolutely no time to “break the ice.” If you choose the sneakers that are your size, they make you fall in love with them in the first wear. And not only do you fall in love with these extremely comfortable and supporting bundles of energy, but you also stay in love with them as they feel the same- the first time or the hundredth. 

Sneakers Keep Your feet fresh.
Let us face it- we have all been there- stinking feet! We shy away from that topic and live-in denial, but the fact is closed ‘claustric’ shoes make your feet stink: it is science! When your feet cannot “breathe” properly, there is a build-up of sweat, dirt, and darkness, making a happy place for the anaerobic bacteria and fungi. When these micro-organisms break down organic compounds it leads to that smell that makes you go “eewww” when you kick your shoes off. Not only does it smell bad, but it deteriorates your foot health too. On the other hand, Sneakers provide a good airy atmosphere and absorb the sweat that you may be producing to keep your feet happy and the bacteria at bay!
All-Day Comfort:

All of us are well aware that sneakers are the best for running, jogging, walking, jumping, or doing any physical activity. This is because they provide grip, traction, suspension, and support to your feet. Now you may think- why would a person working 9 to 5 need these athletic shoes for themselves? The answer lies in your experience itself. Have you ever had cramps or sore feet, or just foot and calf pain by sitting in those stiff shoes all day? If yes, then sneakers are for you. They give your foot enough space and comfort to move around, ensuring the right blood and lymph circulation, alleviating pains.

They Are Omni-Appealing:

You can never go wrong with sneakers. There is always a pair of sneakers for every occasion- from parties to picnics and work to workouts! Especially with the plethora of designs that Bata has to offer- you are sure to find a pair that suits your personality- whether colourful or essential, loud or lowkey! 
Sneakers Help You Go Green:

If you are environmentally conscious, you will know that sneakers are the most environmentally friendly shoes ever! For animals: no animal products like skin or horns are used in their production. For nature: they are made of readily biodegradable elements that do not harm the environment. For humans: they provide the best comfort and style that we look for!

All these reasons are just a push for you to try on the latest fashion star- Bata sneakers. Once you start wearing them, you would not need to refer to these again as you will have seen for yourself how Bata sneakers can revolutionize the way you walk on the path of life.



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