OgyMogy Cellphone Spy App: An Expert Opinion

OgyMogy Cellphone Spy App: An Expert Opinion

OgyMogy is cloud-based monitoring software that offers parental control and employee monitoring features in a reasonable package.  It offers its services for all kinds of smart gadgets i.e cellphones (Android,iPhone, Blackberry), tablets, laptops, and personal desktops in the form of Mac and Windows spy app versions. The installation process is very easy and takes usually not more than five minutes to install the app on the target device. All you need to do is have physical access to the target device at the time of installation. As the monitoring process can be controlled remotely but unfortunately the installation needs physical access. Moreover,  make sure the target device is not password encrypted at the time of spy app installation.

Here is the basic review of major cellphone spy app features offered by the OgyMogy spy app.

No More Secret Hideouts and Sudden Disappearance:

OgyMogy offers a GPS location tracking feature that lets the user know about the pinpoint location of the target person in real-time.  The location tracking feature is best for parents who want the safety and security of teenagers. Parents can know about all the secret hideout places of the teen by using this feature. Moreover, you can also use it for yourself as one can track any stolen or lost device by using the gps tracking feature offered by OgyMogy.

Keep The Target In the Safe Area:

Keep your kids in the safe area by marking a virtual safe area on the google map. The spy app allows the user to mark a virtual one for the target person, thus any movement outside the marked zone will be reported to the user right away.

No Go Area Alert:

Just like the safe area, you can even mark a restricted zone or no-go area on the google app as well for the target. Movement around the zone will be reported to the user by the spy app and the user can take action right away.

Incoming And Outgoing Call Access:

Incoming and outgoing call history is also given in the remote access of the user. You can keep up with all the incoming and outgoing call log records of the target by using the get call log history feature. It is useful to keep up with the post-paid call record of the teen or to check the official call log details of the employees as well. No need to worry about the deleted content as OgyMogy saves everything for you.

Listen to Call Recording:

You can even listen to any suspicious call of the teenager or employees by using the call recording feature.

Real-Time Screen Monitoring Is possible:

No need to wonder about what your minor is watching on their cellphone. Use can make surprise real-time visits to the screen of the target person at any given time. So know if they are watching porn or are addicted to any weird game. This feature is very useful for employers as well as they can monitor the individual progress of every employee on the assigned project by watching the screen of the employee.s OgyMogy also save the screen activities in the form of videos and snapshots with complete timestamp information.

Control The Target’s Camera:

Control the target cellphone camera by using the camera bug feature of the OgyMogy cellphone spy app. The feature basically uses the front and rear cameras of the target device and captures the surrounding environment for the user. It can know about the whereabouts of the teenagers and can even know about their company as well.

Listen To The Inside Matters:

With the mic bug feature, one can listen to all the surrounding voices and sounds of the target person’s cellphone. The feature bugs the mic of the target smart device thus all the discussions, random chats, and inside official and unofficial matter are in the remote access of the user. Use this feature to track any bully in the office or know about your minor’s company interest and hobbies with the mic bug feature

OgyMogy cellphone spy app can be used by worried parents to keep up with the teen’s digital life or the overburdened employers who need a helping hand in managing work life and keeping a strict eye on the work-related activities of the employees.



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