Importance of PWD minister in our life

PWD minister


PWD is known as a (Public Works Department). It is a state department that is amenable to designing, constructing, and maintaining the roads, bridges, and irrigation of the state. This department is very wide and deals with all the Govt buildings, for their construction, maintenance, and designing. This department is dealing with the projects of civil services, and they all have to be arranged and handled according to rules.

Mr. Vijay Inder Singla is the PWD minister of Punjab and a member of the Punjab Legislative Assembly. He was a Congress member of parliament and he is known for his liberal work.

This department makes sure that each city and locality in the state has proper running water and roads to travel.

This department plays a sufficient role in every human’s life, even though people know little about the working of PWD. Without their help, our day-to-day lives would have been lots of difficult.

This department is responsible for building maintaining the government rest houses, which are used by government officials to stay in other cities. They also maintain the circuit house in every city and locality, which is responsible for distributing electricity all over the city and the locality.

In earlier times, PWD was an exclusive civil department and handled public projects for example the railways, and this was back in the British age. Today it’s under the state government with familiar key functions but more connected and has a systemized way of working.

They are responsible for the much employment it produces for the country. This not only produces employment for the employees working in this department but also produces lots of jobs in construction, legal, and so on sectors, aiding this country’s economy.

The state government helps district governments by offering them work and helping them make some revenue to grow their districts as well.

They are not only constructed and maintain roads and bridges but also build dams to aid to make sure that various states get 24/7 clean and drinking water.

If we consider about PWD department then there are many departments in every state, with different management and ministry. Every state government has its own PWD that constructs and maintains the infrastructure of that state.

Every state building, road, bridge, and irrigation system needs repairs over time. We see road repairing and bridge repairing, and the working of their permits are offered by Public Working Department. All Govt buildings are repaired via the PWD department as well.

PWD minister Punjab overlooks the budget and workings of this department, the chief engineer of this department is the advisor of the state government and advises them about constructing and maintaining the Govt infrastructure.

PWD minister Punjab is chosen by the citizens of our nation, and they handle the development of our society and make our lives all the easier by implementing hi-tech into our city’s infrastructure. We, as the citizens in our city, should know more about the duties and responsibilities of PWD, so check this theme or check out the PWD Punjab website to know more.



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