Cable vs Streaming: Which one should you go for?

Cable vs Streaming: Which one should you go for?

Should you spend your money on a good cable TV or do you go for internet-based streaming TV? Well, both the services have their own advantages and disadvantages.  A lot of us are really confused regarding which one to choose, cable or TV streaming. That is why we have brought before you a list of advantages and disadvantages of both these forms of entertainment. We have also pointed out the differences between them. This will help you to understand which of these is perfect for your house. So, without further adieu let us see what we have got in store for our readers.

Cable vs streaming: contract

Most live TV streaming services do not lock you into any kind of contract. You get your services on a monthly basis and at the end of the month, you will have to make your payment in order to continue with the service. However, cable and satellite TV services require you to sign a 1 or 2-year contract. This is mainly because of the fact that for cable and satellite tv providers, installation of hardware components is required as well. However,  there are a few cable and satellite TV service providers who do not force you to sign any kind of contracts but they are more expensive.

Cable vs streaming: expense

Previously, streaming was cheaper than cable. However, these days, all the top services are raising their rates because of the increase in their popularity. As a result, the prices are almost comparable. Cable TV program service providers are offering numerous discounts to the customers. These days, a lot of bundled services are also available which offer cable TV, Internet and telephone services in a single package. You will also be able to enjoy numerous discounts on these bundles.

Cable vs streaming: channel

There are only a very few TV streaming services that provide you with over hundred channels. However, most cable and satellite TV services offer you multiple channels and number of channels offered to you will depend on the plan that you sign up for. A basic plan may offer you with over 300 channels.  You can also choose your channel as per your desire. Some cable TV services also offer you customized packages based on your choices. In that way, you will no longer have to pay for those channels that you hardly watch.

Cable vs streaming: video quality

On-demand streaming services like Prime Video and Netflix can give you really good quality video. However,  there are certain cable TV service providers where the video quality is not that good. Yet cable TV services are much more reliable as they are not dependent on your internet service or Wi-Fi signal. In the case of TV streaming, if your internet availability is not good then your video will start buffering immediately. These days, cable TV service providers are also offering HD quality videos to customers. These videos are almost the same as that of TV. Live streaming and you will not be able to distinguish between the picture quality on the two platforms.

Cable vs streaming: choices

When it comes to Cable TV service providers, there are numerous options to choose. Every area has multiple service providers. You can choose that service provider who meets all your requirements. However, with TV streaming, the choices are minimal. There are only a few companies that offer live streaming services. So, when it comes to choices, the cable is always more profitable than live streaming.

Few other important benefits of cable TV:  

Cable TV is mandatory for sports lovers: Netflix and Prime video are good but you will not be able to enjoy your favourite sports on these live streaming platforms. If you are a cricket or football lover, what they know would definitely need a cable or satellite package where you can watch your favourite matches. You will be able to see the highlights of the matches later on your streaming platform but for live entertainment, you would definitely need a cable TV.

You need not rely on the internet: Using live streaming services, you will have to largely depend on the Internet to watch all your favourite movies and shows. This becomes a massive problem if there is an Internet outage due to provider problems or bad weather.  Relying on internet speed to watch your favourite movie or show can be a huge struggle. This is where cable service proves to be extremely useful. You will be able to enjoy the services without depending on the internet.

So, this was all about it. We hope our article will help you to make a choice between cable TV and streaming. In case you have any further queries regarding either of the two services, do share them with us.



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